Within warranty, J&T Lighting will replace or repair defective products upon receiving proofs of the failed or defective products including the below information,
1 Original invoice issued by J&T Lighting.                                        
2 Defective items and quantity.                                        
3 Digital photographs(.jpg) or video clips.                                        
4 Description of failed product.                                        
5 All other information requested by our service department.                                        
J&T Lighting covers the warranty for proper use of our products under relevant norms and installation requirements. J&T Lighting will not replace the defective products if the products:                                                                                   
1 Was not installed or used according to the user manual.                                         
2 Was disassembled by customer without approval of J&T Lighting.                                         
3 Was modified by customer without notification to J&T Lighting.                                         
4 Was installed in inappropriate environment such as sealed fixture, abuse of indoor and outdoor use.                                                                                   
5 Other damages caused by customer.                                        
Return policy                                                                                   
After J&T Lighting received the proofs of the defective or failed products, we will let you know whether we require you to return the goods or not. If we send you the confirmation on returning the products to our company, please make sure to pass the invoice, packing list and other information of shipment for our approval before you release the shipment.                                                                                   
We will notify you once we receive the returned products, then we will replace or repair the products for you.                                                                                   
Please note:                                                                                   
1 Any return without authorization of J&T Lighting is not acceptable.                                                                                  
2 If the returned products are found to be good product without quality problem, J&T Lighting will charge testing fee and return shipping freight, and the products will be returned to customer at customer’s expense.