D3 Series LED Step Light

Features & Benefits:                               
Light Source: Branded chip SMD LEDs with high luminous efficacy.

Structure: Stainless steel faceplate, heavy duty die-cast aluminum housing and die-casting aluminum installation box.

Size: L100*W100*H52mm, L160*W100*H52mm and L220*W100*H52mm three optional sizes.
IP54 rated, applicable for both dry and damp location.

Customization: 24VDC available upon request.
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D31001A0S                     Stainless steel faceplate, L100*W100*H52mm, 1W, 45lm, <90°, 5000k, 100-240VAC, IP54
D32002A0S                     Stainless steel faceplate, L160*W100*H52mm, 2W, 90lm, <90°, 5000k, 100-240VAC, IP54
D33003A0S                     Stainless steel faceplate, L220*W100*H52mm, 3W, 120lm, <90°, 5000k, 100-240VAC, IP54