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Do you remember the early days of the LED? A few years ago, these tiny lights set out to “conquer” displays and signal indicators. Much has happened since then. Today, LEDs are THE lighting medium for general lighting applications. Thanks to improved luminous efficacy and brightness, along with efficiency and long life, they have revolutionized the market. You can find LEDs in all areas of life. Whether indoors or outdoors, for decorative or functional use - LEDs offer fascinating possibilities now and in future.

  • Garden

  • Residential

  • Government

  • Shopping Mall

  • Bridge

  • Retail & Grocery

  • Office

  • Museum

  • Sports Facility

  • Restaurant & Hotel

  • Gas Station

  • Exhibition Hall

  • Roadway

  • Parking Lot

  • Factory & Warehouse

  • Campus

  • Hospital

  • Subway Station


About Us

LED Lighting is a revolutionary, low carbon, green growth technology that allows for improvements in living and working environments as well as sustainable living. J&T Lighting is a global company specializing in LED lighting with a strong commitment to sustainability.

J&T Lighting focuses on the development, production and sales of a full line of LED lighting products that support various applications in industrial, business, commercial, public and residential facilities. Also, we offer the best total solution meeting various conditions and needs of each client, through smart lighting design and installation consultancy services, based on the convergence of lighting technology and ICT expertise.

We benefit from a long history of LED system design.  Our engineers are the longest-standing LED experts out there, with the widest breadth of LED experience.  We strive to help drive the rapid advancement of lighting science. With a focused product portfolio, and a dedicated expertise, we are committed to meeting and exceeding all industry standards as a leader in the lighting revolution.
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